Monday, July 26, 2010


Cookies anyone?

Here are the girls making Daddy's favorite, chocolate chip cookies. They turn out extra sweet when made by my little girls. The clean-up wasn't that bad.

He takes requests

The girls love to request songs from Daddy and sing and dance along. I prefer the role of spectator.

Summer Shots

Our beautiful Sara on the train at the zoo. We took a trip to the zoo, one of our favorite places. I was 37, almost 38 weeks pregnant. Let's just say it was a short trip.

Just catching my Liza in her most common mood! Happiness!

I've heard 3 is a crowd

They say two is company and 3 is a crowd, but as the youngest of 3 girls I disagree.

Any day now we will be welcoming Baby #3. We are so excited to meet and discover our new addition. We are so excited to learn whether we will have three little girls in this house or whether a little boy will be added to the mix. Either way they will be loved beyond measure. Check back in the near future to be surprised along with us!