Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wedding Bells

Sara is talking to me today about her wedding when she gets older. She's very concerned about who will be the flower girl to drop petals for her, she's not so concerned about who will be at the end of the aisle. However, when I asked, "what is the most important thing about who your husband will be?" She says: "That he loves God and knows Jesus." Amen. This has been a prayer of her parents since conception (or about 4 weeks thereafter). lol.

6 Months

Evan is now 6 months old! I took these pictures on his 6 month birthday. I am working on teaching him to sit up without falling over. Happy half-birthday Evan.


Evan got his first tooth a few weeks ago. This picture, the one that looks like he's skydiving, is a great shot of his little tooth. The other is a great shot of how he is getting up on his knees now. He'll be crawling before I'm ready for it I'm sure. He wants to be wherever his sisters are.