Saturday, August 28, 2010

The good, bad and crazy from this week...

This is the good...

1. Evan is 4 weeks old! He has rolled over already, the first time being at 1 week old.
2. Evan is sleeping 6-7.5 hours a night! Woo hoo! "Someone turn off the lights"
3. I love that I have two babies that still sleep like this. Super sweet feet!
4. Sara started pre-school this week. She goes three days a week. She had a great week and seems enthusiastic about the new school year. Liza insisted she also have a first day of school photo taken even though she's staying home. Still cute. Liza struggled a little the first day Sara was gone and wanted to be with her. But adjusted fine by the end of the week. Something I (Momma) learned this week from Sara going to school - Sara is my mess maker. Liza didn't make messes when she played while Sara was at school.
5. The new year started at church - Sara is a Cubbie in AWANA this year and Liza is a Puggle.

6. Liza pooped in the potty this week. Didn't think you'd want a picture of that.

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